The growing list of my projects and other pieces of work I was involved in.

Cover image: The Robot Uprising by Bryn G Jones.


  1. Talk: Damian Bogunowicz: Why GPU Clusters Don’t Need to Go Brrr? - at PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2023.


  1. Talk: The Future of Car Manufacturing: What’s the secret behind the world’s coolest cars? - at BrainBar 2021.


  1. Talk: Applying Sim2Real Transfer To Industrial Robots - at Data Science Summit 2020.
  2. Tutorial: Robotic Assembly Using Deep Reinforcement Learning - and accompanying GitHub Repository.
  3. Publication: Sim2Real for Peg-Hole Insertion with Eye-in-Hand Camera - at ICRA 2020 ViTac Workshop. Research published while working at ARRIVAL. Youtube recording of the presentation.


  1. Project - Reinforcement Learning with Unity 3D: G.E.A.R - design and development of an autonomous garbage collector agent.